Z2 Comics is putting together a collection that traces the history of the comic and TV show that, in their words, “serve as the kinetic missing link between Tank Girl and Gorillaz.

The book will compile the full run of Get the Freebies, a satirical comic strip that ran in the UK fashion magazine The Face in 1996-1997. The strip featured Terry Phoo, a Buddhist policeman, and his sidekick Whitey Action, a foul-mouthed teenager, who battle a gang of mutants called the Freebies. The vibe was similar to Hewlett’s comic Tank Girl, and in 2008, the strip was adapted into a BBC TV pilot for a program to be called Phoo Action, co-written by Mat Wakeham.

In addition to the full published run of the comic, the Z2 book, Phoo Action: Silver Jubilee, will include a previously unpublished comic that was intended as the introduction to a second season (which never occurred), a prose novel by Wakeham that tells the story that would have been presented in that second season (with illustrations by The Invisibles artist Philip Bond), and a timeline that includes character designs and other artwork.

The book will be published in November 2022 as a 368-page hardcover with an MSRP of $49.99. In addition, Z2 will offer a deluxe oversized edition, with a dust jacket, a slipcase, and three prints, for $99.99 and a super deluxe edition hand-signed by Wakeham that comes with five prints for $249.99. The super deluxe edition is limited to 250 copies.