River Horse Games announced NOLI, a new Eurogame, for release into retail in November 2022.

In this game, players are in control of the four Rioni (districts) of Noli, a medieval town by the sea. The game proceeds in three phases in which players attempt to build up their district. In the first phase, players will bet and bribe their way into resources like the services of local artisans, star rowers for the Regatta phase, and ways to build their towers. In the second phase, the Regatta phase, they use the oarsman they have recruited to attempt to roll their way into winning the race.

The third phase of the game is fishing season in which players draw fish cards based on how they were ranked in the Regatta. The fish cards can be turned in for gold, but they also hide hidden dangers in the form of pirate raids, attacks by other towns, and taxation by Genoa. The winner of the game is the Rioni that builds their tower to six floors or the Rioni that manages to build the highest tower if the game ends in another fashion.

This game is for two to four players and plays in 45 to 60 minutes.

River Horse Games also released The Dark Crystal Adventure Game, a roleplaying campaign book (see "'The Dark Crystal Adventure Game'").