We visited the ENHANCE Gaming booth at Gen Con and got a view of their full range of RPG, TCG, miniatures, and board game tabletop game bags and cases for gamers on the move.  ENHANCE has been making products for tabletop gamers for about six years, Darren Rieger, Senior Product Development for ENHANCE told us, but the company has a 40-year history making bags for electronics, including computers, cameras, and console and PC gaming.

The company’s first product for tabletop gamers was an RPG product, and the category remains the company’s biggest tabletop game group.  ENHANCE’s most popular product is the RPG Adventurer’s Bag, which originated as a dungeon master’s bag.  "In the bottom, it holds six to eight books, Reiger explained.  "In the top, it holds 16 minis.  On the front, it's got a map holder, and then you've got storage all around the sides."  The RPG Adventurer’s Bag comes in Collector’s Editions with nine "Dragon Hide" colors for 149.99 MSRP and in basic black for $99.99 MSRP.

The RPG Organizer Case is "…like a hard shell binder," Rieger said.  "You've got a rolling area.  You've got pen and dice storage in this pouch, also removable.  You can put it on the table.  Under that, you can store some extra sheets.  Then the divider in the middle has a dry erase panel, so you can dry erase right on it, so you can save your sheets.  Then in the back, you've got 16-mini storage, and you've got some adjustable storage here.  You can put larger minis, dice, cards, tokens, and whatever else you like."  The Organizer Case comes in basic black for $79.99 (see "’ENHANCE: RPG Organizer Case"), and is newly available in Collector’s Editions in a variety of Dragon Hide colors.

Rieger also described the RPG Player’s Bag.  "It’s a little bit wider," he said.  "It holds a 17-inch laptop, so this is good for an everyday messenger, and it'll hold two or three books in there, plus your 17-inch laptop.  It's still got the map holder on the front.  It's a little bit thinner, more wieldy for carrying as you go through your day.  I've heard some dungeon masters, they liked our bag and they bought all their players the Player's Bag, so they can all show up with the same stuff."  The RPG Player’s Bag comes in Collector’s Editions in eight Dragon colors at $79.99, and in basic black for $59.99.

ENHANCE offers two different dice cases, one personal, and one community.  "The personal ones [Dice Case and Rolling Tray], they're both rolling trays and storage," Rieger said. "They zip apart.  They're a hard EVA shell, so they'll protect your dice. You can store up to 150 dice in the personal one."  The Dice Case and Rolling Tray comes in black for $29.99.

"In the Community Dice Organizer Case and Rolling Tray, you can store a whole lot more if you actually fill up the tray with dice, but there’s an organizational pocket inside, so you can store eight sets separately," Rieger continued.  "If you want to keep your dice separated (you've got a really nice set that you don't want to throw in the dice pool), you can put them in those eight pockets.  Then on the front, you've got a pocket that you can have a large dice pool or put pens, paper, notepads, anything else in the front pocket.  That's totally removable as well, and you've got a large rolling tray on that one."  The Community Dice Organizer Case and Rolling Tray comes in black for $49.99.

ENHANCE’s TCG Backpack Playing Card Case holds 7600 cards, Rieger said.  "It's got this guard on it to help it keep closed. Nobody's reaching in there and grab it. It keeps your cards in place, so they're not jumping out of spots.  The whole interior is Velcro, so you can adjust those up and down.  It can fit the cards by themselves or in boxes.  Then you zip up this little guard.  You've got a pocket here for tablets, books, a spiral notebook, whatever you like.  It's got mat holders on both sides. You can also put a bottle of water or whatever else you like there."  The TCG Backpack Playing Card Case retails for $139.99.

ENHANCE also makes a smaller TCG product, the Trading Card Travel Case for $49.99.  "This is good if you're just starting out, or if you're just going to an event, where you just need a selection of cards. You don't need to bring everything with you.  It's a little shoulder bag.  It's got pencil holders and pen holders on the front and a zipper pocket on the front."

For miniature gamers, ENHANCE offers the Miniature Figure Travel Case.  "This holds four trays; three of them are precut," Rieger said.  "The precuts hold 108 28 millimeter figures, so like 108 inventory.  Then you've got a thicker dice cut foam tray that's customizable, so you can put all your larger minis in there and cut that out to size."  The Miniature Figure Travel Case retails for $79.99.

For board games, ENHANCE has its Board Game Backpack. Rieger described it for us.  “This is like the most deluxe game box bag there is, because it's the most reinforced and padded bag there is," he said.  "A, it's a backpack, so you're distributing the weight of all those boxes on your back. Also, the sides are really reinforced.  It's the only bag that you're going to open up, and it stands up by itself.  It doesn't just collapse into a puddle.  That's because it's got so much board and padding in the sides, so it's going to protect your game boxes.

"It'll fit all these different games.  When you stack them up from large to small, it's got this little strap in here to keep the smaller games against the back, so they're not sliding around on the top.  It's oversized, so that when you zip it up, it doesn't clip the corners of your boxes.  A lot of the others are really tight, especially if the box is a little bit bigger than 12 inches.  When it says it's 12-inches, but it's a little bit bigger, you end up clipping the corners with the zippers, or you see the corners busting through the bag, making a hole.  Not on this guy, because everything's reinforced, and it's slightly oversized, so you'll have no problem fitting your games in.  Then you've got lots of storage on the outside.  You can carry up to four different types of play mats, so if you've got different types of games that require mats.  You can carry a bottle of water, or whatever you like on the side.  Then on the front, you've got a place for cards, dice, other accessories."

ENHANCE offers the Board Game Backpack in Collector’s Editions in eight Dragon colors at $199.99, and in basic black for $139.99.

ENHANCE is also offering kits packed in the Board Game Backpack, containing the RPG Adventurer’s Bag, RPG Organizer Case, and RPG Player’s Bag, all in matched Dragon colors or black, allowing retailers to save shipping and shelf space, or to get a set of the top products for display.  The kit price is reduced from the combined retail prices of the components.