A new booster set is coming to Pokemon on November 11:  Pokemon:  Sword & Shield – Silver Tempest, which will be available in booster packs and Elite Trainer Boxes.

Silver Tempest will feature new Radiant and VSTAR Pokemon, including Radiant Jirachi, Radiant Alakazam, Lugia VSTAR, and Regidrago VSTAR.  It will also introduce Alalan Vulpix VSTAR, the first VSTAR Pokemon in the game that is not fully evolved. 

Altogether, the full set will include 3 Radiant Pokemon, 15 Pokemon V, 18 full-art Pokemon V, 1 Pokemon VMAX, 6 Pokemon VSTAR, and 30 cards featuring fan-favorite Trainers and Pokemon in a Trainer Gallery subset.  The new set will be available in 10-card booster packs in 36-count displays.

In addition, the Pokemon:  Sword & Shield – Silver Tempest Elite Trainer Box will be offered, which comes with 8 booster packs, a set of card sleeves, 45 Energy cards, 6 damage counter dice, a competition-legal coin-flip die, 2 condition markers, a VSTAR marker, and a Player’s Guide, all in a collector’s storage box with 4 card organizers.

The new set will follow October’s launch of the Hisuin Zoroark VSTAR Premium Collection and a new series of stackable tins (see “Unleash Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR with New ‘Pokemon TCG’ Premium Collection” and “New ‘Pokemon TCG:  Stacking Tins’ Incoming”).