Bushiroad unveiled new information on Kaguya-Sama: Love is War?, a new booster set for Weiss Schwarz TCG, which will hit stores on February 17, 2023.

This set was previously announced as an expansion that focuses on the themes of 2021’s Kaguya-sama:  Love is War Trial Deck and Booster Pack set (see “‘Kaguya-sama:  Love is War’”) and is based on the anime of the same title. The set can be in conjunction with other sets that have a card number beginning in [KGL/]. The set contains 100 types of cards plus 53 parallel types.

Packs come with  9 cards  and 16 packs come in a display. Displays come with a box topper that contains 1 of 5 exclusive PR cards, and cartons include a stitched playmat. This set will also features a Tournament Assist PR Pack Campaign, in which stores can give customer a Tournament Store Assist PR Pack with the purchase of a Love is War or Love is War? booster display. These packs will contain 1 random type of 10 types of PR cards.