Heroscape Age of Annihilation: Vanguard Edition, a miniatures wargaming system by Avalon Hill, is now up on Hasbro Pulse for preorder until November 16, 2022.

Avalon Hill first announced the return of Heroscape at Gen Con 2022 (see "Products at Gen Con 2022"). The new version of the game features detailed miniatures and modules that allow players to create their own world to do battle in. The core game comes with five original factions designed for this version: the Dryan Lifeborne Order, the Nemesis War Brood, the Dawn Raider Syndicate, the Clockwork Combine, and the Ironclad Collective.

The game box includes 71 finely detailed miniatures in molded colors according to their affiliations and 50 army cards as well as the expandable hex-based modular tile terrain system which features 74 base pieces, 68 wall terrain pieces, and 9 jungle terrain pieces. It also comes with 20 game scenarios to play. The components are backward-compatible with the original game, and this game will retail for $249.99.