Monte Cook Games has announced two new 5E-compatible books featuring planar themes for the first quarter of the year:  the Planar Bestiary and Planar Character Options.

Arriving in January, Planar Bestiary:  Beasts on the Path will be a hardcover book featuring a variety of monsters and creatures from across multiple planes of existence, including denizens of the city of Timeborne and the Path.  Intended for use with the 5E system, the beasts within this book range from CR 1/4 all the way to CR 29, offering challenges for nearly any character level.

Scheduled for February, the Planebreaker:  Planar Character Options will have new species, subclasses, feats, and more for players to further customize their characters when playing Planebreaker games, with a focus on characters from Timeborne or those who travel between planes.

MSRP for the books has not been announced.

Both books build on the themes explored in Monte Cook’s Path of the Planebreaker setting book, which was released this summer (see “Monte Cook Games Will Release ‘Path of the Planebreaker for 5E’ into Retail”).