Goodman Games will release DCC Holiday Module #11: Came the Monsters of Midwinter into retail on November 22, 2022.

Goodman's latest holiday-themed module happens in the joyful town of Star Notch in the Shudder Mountains, which is being tormented by horrors. A pack of  creatures has struck at the town’s heart, and players must take up the roles of mountain heroes that set off to smite these evil beings. This holiday adventure is for level 2 characters, and  comes with a scratch-off handout that can give characters new and improved abilities, contacts, and in-game benefits. The adventure is penned by Brendan LaSalle and features cover artwork by Stefan Poag. 

Goodman Games will also release Monsters & Magic of Lankmar, a new 5E compatible sourcebook, into retail (see "'Monsters & Magic of Lankmar'").