Nightfall Games is launching The Terminator RPG this month with the release of the Core Rulebook, Campaign Book, Quick Start, and Director’s Pack.

Based on the landmark 1984 film and the graphic novels published by Dark Horse Comics, The Terminator allows players to create characters and face off against the horrors of Skynet in both the “present” of the 1980s and the post-apocalyptic “future” of the film’s imagined 2020s.  Players can become resistance fighters or time-travelers sent back to stop Skynet from changing the past, and can explore alternate timelines inspired by the story.

The Terminator is built on Nightfall’s d10-based S5S System, also used in SLA Industries 2nd Edition, with modifications for the Terminator setting.  In addition to rules for character creation, combat, investigation, and hacking, the 192-page hardcover book includes game stats for the major characters from the film, Terminator variants, and two “mission packs” that recreate the original film’s storyline or battles in the future war.  The lead writer was Andrew E.C. Gaska (ALIENS RPG). MSRP is $55.00.

The Terminator RPG Campaign Book offers a dozen additional missions based on the stories in The Terminator comic books.  The missions can also be linked together into a single on-going campaign.  Hardcover.  MSRP is $37.50.

A thinned-down version of the rules can be found in The Terminator RPG – Quick Start, which features introductory rules, seven pre-generated characters, and a three-part mission to get players into the game quickly.  Softcover.  MSRP is $10.00.

Rounding out the launch is The Terminator RPG Director’s Pack, geared for gamemasters.  It includes a four-panel GM screen and a 16-page booklet with quick reference sheets and ideas to help the gamemaster create campaigns.  MSRP is $30.00.

The Terminator RPG is produced under license in the United Kingdom.  Nightfall Games raised funds for the production through a Kickstarter campaign last December that attracted £135,007 (about $182,000) from 2,145 backers (an average of £62.94 or about $84.84 per backer).