Ares Games will release Saigon 75, a new Vietnam-era strategic game by Nuts! Publishing, into U.S. retail in February 2023.

In this game, players assume control of either the forces from North Vietnam or the forces from South Vietnam, and battle for control of the capital. Players activate their units and play event cards from their hands in order to move and attack. Battles are resolved by dice rolls, which also determine enemy losses and the number of units that must retreat. The game is asymmetrical as the North Vietnam forces have advantages such as a greater number of activations and better battle dice. This game also offers a solo mode where South Vietnamese force try to fend off the North's onslaught.

The game box comes with 20 Event cards, 10 Solo cards, 13 dice, 80 mixed tokens, 41 mixed counters, a rulebook, and an A2 mounted game board. This game is for one to two players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 60 minutes.  

Ares Games will also release Knights of the Round: Academy RPG, an anime-inspired RPG by MS Edizioni, for release into retail (see "'Knights of the Round: Academy RPG'").