Steve Jackson Games will release three new dice sets into retail on January 25, 2023.

The Killer Whale d6 Dice Set showcases killer whales as the '1' on six dice. These dice are part of SJG's other five "Ocean Dice" sets. The set will retail for $8.95.

The Elder Futhark Die can be used to tell characters' fortunes in RPG sessions. It is a 24-sided die with Viking rune markings on it, and comes with a 20-page instruction book to help interpret these markings. It will retail for $13.95.

Pick a Card Dice allows the user to randomize a standard poker deck on two dice, a D4 and a D20. The D4 determines the suit of a card and the D20 determines the card type. This set will retail for $9.95.

Steve Jackson Games also released The 12 Dice of Christmas and Bad Christmas, two new holiday family games (see "Two Holiday Family Games").