An ICv2 Release.  ICv2 has updated Best in Shows, its geek movie calendar, and its game product release calendars, all accessible from home page links.  The links, found in the "Featured Resources" section of the home page, will link off directly to the 2023 release calendars instead of the 2022 calendars starting today.  The release calendars featured on our site to start 2022 will be as follows:
Best in Shows -- 2023
'Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG' 2023 Product Release Calendar
'Magic: The Gathering' 2023 Release Calendar
'Pokemon TCG' Product Release Calendar 2023

The featured release calendars for 2022 can still be found via the following links:
2022 'Best in Shows' Geek Movie Calendar
'Magic: The Gathering' 2022/2023 Release Calendar
'Pokemon TCG' 2022 Release Calendar
'Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG' 2022 Release Calendar

For more even information about movie releases beyond 2023, see the Best in Shows Index.

Happy New Year from ICv2, and have a productive 2023!