Kenneth Hite, lead designer of Vampire: The Masquerade 5E under White Wolf Publishing (see "Development Team"), was shot in the leg as he headed home at after 3 am on January 6, 2023 in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL.

According to his social media post (see below), Hite was walking home from a co-working session, which was only a block from his house, when a car pulled up and two men with guns jumped out. Words were exchanged, and Hite took off running before the two men could react. The men fired off four or five rounds in Hite's direction, one of which hit him in the leg. The assailants then jumped then back into their car and fled the scene before they could be arrested in the heavily policed Hyde Park neighborhood.

Hite quickly made it back to his house, woke up his wife, and called 911. Once the police arrived, he was sent to a hospital where he was treated. The bullet went clean through his leg, missing bones and any major blood vessels. Hite is currently recovering at home.

ICv2 sends along its well wishes to Ken and his wife Sheila, hoping he recovers soon from his wound.