Modiphius Entertainment revealed The Great Game - Houses of the Landsraad, a new supplement for Dune: Adventures in the Imperium RPG, which hits retail in March 2023.

The new book focuses on the Landsraad, the great council of the Houses that executes the will of the Emperor. It is a 128-page supplement that helps GMs expand their campaign beyond Arrakis into the Kaitain, the heart of the Imperial homeworld.  This book offers details on the nature and politics of the Landsraad council as well as the House relationships that keep the Imperium functioning. The book also offers expanded notes on CHOAM and CHOAM agents along with full dossiers for several important Houses of the Landsraad.  

The Great Game - Houses of the Landsraad also features the secrets of the art of kanly and how to incorporate this deadly war of assassins into games. There is also a Navigator's guide for the Space Guild and new rules for building worlds as well as a House management system. This book will retail for $47.88.    

Modiphius Entertainment also revealed Architect Asset Deck and Agents Asset Deck, for Dune: Adventures in the Imperium RPG (see "Asset Cards").

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