MetaZoo Games unveiled Native, a new booster set for MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation TCG, into retail in April 2023.

The Native expansion allows players to battle with ancient deities that have been hidden in the landscape. This expansion features new Fusion Aura Pages which is brought on by the ancient deities. The set will also showcase new Spells, ancient Arifacts, and more Contract that players can form with Crytids to help them win in the arena.

The product line is as follows:

  • Native Booster Display, 1st Edition (36 packs; MSRP $140)
  • Native Blister Box, 1st Edition (24-count; MSRP $120)
  • Native Release Deck, 1st Edition (MSRP $20)
  • Native Spellbook, 1st Edition (MSRP $50)
  • Native Theme Deck Display, 1st Edition (2 each of 5 different decks; MSRP $150)

MetaZoo Games also recently released Seance, a new booster set, into retail (see "'Seance'").

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