Ultra PRO is launching a new line of high-end deck boxes and PRO-Binders under the Vivid Deluxe Collection name.

The Vivid Deluxe Collection features Italian-made “Alcantara,” a carbon-neutral vegan microsuede used in luxury handbags and automobiles.  

The vertically aligned Vivid Deluxe Alcove Flip Deck Box and the horizontal Vivid Deluxe Alcove Edge Deck Box are both built around an injection-molded inner core to protect the contents and a latched lid secured by multiple magnets.  The boxes are large enough to hold up to 100 double-sleeved standard-size cards and are available in red and blue.  MSRP is $47.99 each.

Also available is a zippered Vivid Deluxe PRO-Binder.  The binder has enough side-loading nine-pocket pages to store up to 480 sleeved cards, with low-friction black backing and acid-free non-PVC materials.  It also uses a zipper closure to secure it when closed.  Available in red and blue Alcantara covers.  MSRP is $74.99 each.

Click Gallery below for more images of the line.

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