DC is rolling out a manga-reader feature for the DC Universe Infinite digital comics service that will allow the user to turn the pages or swipe the panels from right to left, which is the native format for Japanese manga.  They are also introducing another practice that will be familiar to manga readers:  Releasing the stories chapter by chapter on the digital service before publishing them in print.  This mirrors manga websites such as VIZ Manga and Manga Plus, as well as webtoon platforms such as Tapas and Webtoon, which serialize longer works by releasing them digitally one chapter at a time.

The new feature comes ahead of the publication of three new manga featuring DC characters (see “DC to Publish Superhero Manga”), Joker: One Operation Joker, Batman: Justice Buster, and Superman vs. Meshi.  The DCUI will run a new chapter each week of each of the three titles, and then they will be collected in print, with the first volumes due out on September 5.  The manga chapters will be available to all paid DCUI subscribers.

The older manga on the platform, including Jiro Kuwata’s Batman manga (see “‘Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga’”) and Shiori Teshirogi’s Batman and the Justice League (see “‘Batman and the Justice League’”), will also be readable with the new reader.

Click Gallery below for previews of the print manga!