Dynamite Entertainment has announced the Fire and Ice Miniatures Adventure Game, based on the animated film by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta, which can be played as a board game or as a roleplaying game.  The game is set to release in May.

The game is inspired by the film’s screenplay, written by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, which chronicles the plight of the kingdom of fire against the glacial sorcery of the evil Lord Nekron.  In the game, the heroes of Firekeep struggle against the armies of Icepeak across multiple maps.  It uses a combination of cardplay and dice to resolve battles from the film using miniatures.

Fire and Ice can be played as a competitive tactical skirmish-level board game.  It also includes a “Rules-Lite” roleplaying game system that players can use to expand on the action recreated in the board game or for players to create their own stories within the Fire and Ice setting.

The core game includes a dozen 32mm miniatures, 72 cards, six 10-sided dice, more than 200 tokens, and four game boards.  Additional models and playing materials are also planned.  The game is intended for 2 or more players, ages 13 and up.  The board game version takes one to two hours to play.

Dynamite is raising funding for the production of Fire and Ice through a Kickstarter campaign this month, which includes a retailer-only backer option.  The final components may change based on the campaign.

This month, Dynamite is launching a comic book series as a prequel to the Fire and Ice film (see “Bill Willingham to Write Prequel Comic to Frazetta & Bakshi’s ‘Fire and Ice’” and “Preview:  ‘Fire and Ice’ #1”).

Dynamite is collaborating with Frank Frazetta’s granddaughter Sara Frazetta on a new Vampirella series (see “Sara Frazetta to Carry on Family Legacy with ‘Vampirella:  Dead Flowers’”).