UVS Games announced My Hero Academia CCG: Jet Burn's release date of November 17, 2023, and updated details on the upcoming booster set.

This booster set was first revealed in July when UVS Games announced their rebranding initiative (see "Jasco Games Rebrands as UVS Games"). The set will have over 150 cards in it, and showcase 17 new characters to build decks around. It will introduce Hawks and Hood to the game as well as a new version of Endeavor. The set's boosters will also limited edition Chrome Rares that can be pulled from packs.

The product line will include 24-pack booster boxes, with 11 cards per pack, as well as two Clash Decks (one for Ochaco Uraraka and one for Himiko Toga). There will also be a Hanging Booster product configuration, a Jet Burn Prerelease Deck, and new playmats that have artwork of Izuku Midoriya, Ochako Uraraka, and Himiko Toga.

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