Free League will release Ad Astra, a new campaign book for Mutant: Year Zero, on January 30, the company announced.  Ad Astra takes players into space, with rules for play in space and a campaign that takes place there, along with an overview of the solar system and ideas for further adventures.

The module is written by Jens Alm with illustrations by award-winning comic book writer and artist Kim W. Andersson (Astrid, Alena).

Ad Astra can be played either as a continuation of the Path to Eden campaign in the Mutant: Year Zero Core Rulebook or as a stand-alone campaign.

Free League plans to release Zone Wars, a miniatures game in the Mutant: Year Zero universe (see "Free League Reveals ‘Zone Wars’"), in 2024 (see "ICv2 Interview: Free League’s Tomas Harenstam").

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