Wizards of the Coast announced Secret Lair Spookydrop, a new round of Secret Lair sets, which will be headed to DTC preorder on October 2, 2023.

What would Q4 be without another massive round of Secret Lair drop sets featuring desirable reprints?  In an end-of-year effort to sell more custom game pieces, WotC has launched Secret Lair Spookydrop.  This round of drop sets is headlined by three major licenses for Universes Beyond: The Evil Dead, The Princess Bride, Creepshow, and Doctor Who.  One of the Doctor Who sets includes a reprint of the enemy fast lands, and there is also an Artist Series: John Avon set that comes with Emrakul, Promised End and Progenitus.

The following sets will be offered in the Secret Lair Spookydrop:

  • Secret Lair X Creepshow (MSRP $29.99; Foil $39.99):  The Creepshow set features art mirroring the cover art from the cult horror franchise-inspired comics.  This set comes with a Death Baron, a Noxious Ghoul, a Zombie Master, a Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, and an Unholy Grotto.
  • Secret Lair X The Evil Dead (MSRP $29.99; Foil $39.99):  Ash will soon be playable in Magic.  This set features a Puresteel Paladin as "Ash, Destined Survivor," a Vanquish the Horde as "Destroy the Dead," a Zombie Apocalypse as "Knowby's Incantation," a Varina, Lich Queen as "Linda, Kandarian Queen," a Field of the Dead as "Cabin of the Dead," and a Zombie Token.
  • Secret Lair X Doctor Who: The Weeping Angels (MSRP $29.99; Foil $39.99):  This set showcases the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who lore.  It comes with an Angel of Serenity, an Angel of the Ruins, a Blinding Angel, a Restoration Angel, and a Sublime Archangel.
  • Artist Series: John Avon (MSRP $29.99; Foil $39.99):  This set showcases the art of John Avon.  It contains an Emrakul, the Promised End, a Serra Angel, a Brainstorm, and a Progenitus.
  • Secret Lair X Doctor Who: The Dalek Lands (MSRP $29.99; Foil $39.99):  The enemy fast lands, used in various eternal formats, will get a reprint in this set with Dalek-inspired artwork.  The set comes with a Concealed Courtyard, a Spirebluff Canal, a Blooming Marsh, an Inspiring Vantage, and a Botanical Sanctum.
  • Secret Lair X The Princess Bride (MSRP $29.99; Foil $39.99):  Buckle up, Buttercup!  Now players can use Buttercup as their Commander.  This set features various cards reprinted with The Princess Bride artwork.  It comes with a Sisay, Weatherlight Captain as "Buttercup, Provincial Princess," a Silence, a Battle of Wits, a Baral, Chief of Compliance as "Vizzini, Criminal Mastermind," a Pack Rat as "Rodents of Unusual Size," a Fynn, the Fangbearer as "Westley, Dread Pirate Roberts," a Brion Stoutarm as "Fezzik, Rhyming Giant," a Samut, Voice of Dissent as "Inigo, Avenging Swordsman," a Marchesa, the Black Rose as "Miracle Max, Unemployed."
  • Pixelland_Vo2.JPG (MSRP $29.99; Foil $39.99):  This is alt-art full art basic land set.
  • Meditations on Nature (MSRP $29.99; Foil $39.99):  This is alt-art full art basic land set with artwork by JungShan.

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