King of the Castle, in partnership with Quillsilver Studio and Fire Opal Media, will adapt Armello into a tabletop board game.

Armello is a digital board game originally developed and released by League of Geeks in 2015. It featues a fantasy world populated by anthropomorphic animals trying to become the realm's next king or queen. The board game will be designed by Ron Heinsoo, who designed D&D 4E products (see "Full D&D Slate").

"Armello was a landmark in digital board games when it was released in 2015, so the decision to port it back to the tabletop was a natural one,” said Andre Bishop, Director of King of the Castle.  

The game will be previewed at PAX Australia on October 6-8, 2023. The crowdfunding campaign for this game will launch in February 2024.

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