Free League Publishing announced Dragonbane Bestiary, a new monster sourcebook, for release into retail in Q1 2024.

The new monster rulebook features 63 creatures for Dragonbane encounters.  Some of the creatures included in this book are cat people, chimeras, fairies, frog people, hippogriffs, hydras, and more.  These creatures will fully-illustrated in the book and include text as to how to use them in a random encounter as well as a plot hook for an adventure.  There will also be a standee set available for the creatures in the book.

This hardcover book will come as a standard book and premium edition.  The standard edition will retail for approximately $39.99.

Free League also announced Moria – Through the Doors of Durin, a new expansion for The One Ring RPG (see "'The One Ring RPG: Moria – Through the Doors of Durin'").

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