Games Workshop released new details for Warhammer: The Old World as a preview for Warhammer Day Online 2023.

Fans have waited for meaningful previews of this line since it was first announced back in 2019 (see "'Warhammer: The Old World' Logo"), and finally, at the end of 2023, they have arrived. Product line details have begun to emerge, starting with its projected release date. Warhammer will finally make its return to its original setting when the first releases for this line hit in early 2024.

GW also revealed the entire launch range of plastic kits for the Kingdom of Bretonnia (see "'Warhammer: The Old World' Factions"). These kits include a Lord on Pegasus, Standard Bearer on Pegasus, Knights of the Realm on Foot, Pegasus Knights, Knights of the Realm, Men-at-Arms, Peasant Bowmen, Handmaiden of the Lady, Field Trebuchet, Battle Standard Bearer on Foot, Questing Knight Paladin with Great Weapon, and Lady Elisse Duchaard.  

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