Renegade Game Studios will release Silent Falls, a new expansion for Alice is Missing, which will hit retail on February 29, 2024.

The new expansion adds brand-new cards which will help create new stories for the game.  It includes new Suspect, Location, Character, Searching, and Clue cards as well as Relationship cards that help players' characters more deeply connect with one another.  The expansion also lets players explore uncharted locations like the Caloma Caves and come to new conclusions with brand-new 10-minute Clue cards.

The game box includes 38 cards and a rulebook.  This expansion, along with the base game, supports three to five players, ages 16 and up, and plays in two to three hours. It will retail for $20.

Like the core game, Alice is Missing: Silent Falls is designed by Spenser Starke, with art by Julianne Griepp.

Paramount has optioned the movie rights to Hunters Entertainment/Renegade Game Studios roleplaying game Alice Is Missing (see "'Alice Is Missing' Movie").