Board & Dice is starting a new line of puzzle games called Side Quest, with the first two titles built on licenses from major tabletop games:  Side Quest:  7th Sea and Side Quest:  Nemesis, both releasing November 3.

Created by Jakub Caban and Bartosz Idzikowski, authors of the Escape Tales series, the Side Quest games combine themes and concepts from popular tabletop games with three-dimensional puzzles to create a new, stand-alone “escape room” style playing experience.  The games are designed to play straight out of the box, with no rulebook needed to learn how to play.

Side Quest:  7th Sea is set in the swashbuckling fantasy world of the 7th Sea role playing game, challenging players to riddle their way through a series of challenges and monsters.  The game comes with a 3-d environment created from double-sided game boards, 47 cards, 1 answer matrix, 8 answer tiles, 1 hint sheet, 1 hero standee, 4 chest tiles, and 6 cardboard totems. 

Side Quest:  Nemesis explores the science fiction horror themes of the Nemesis board game.  Here the players must attempt to retrieve a derelict spaceship after discovering that the last Captain’s journal entry reports the discovery of alien “Intruders.”  Includes a 3-d environment, 54 cards, answer matrix and hint sheet, 8 answer tiles, 1 character board, 1 life support token, 1 crew figure, 8 supply tiles, 4 sets of resource tiles, 6 intruder tiles, 8 energy wing tiles, and 1 core tile.

Both games are intended for 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up, and take a little over an hour to solve.

Board & Dice is also poised to launch its Nucleum strategy game (see “Enter the Atomic Age in ‘Nucleum’”).