Paizo, Inc. revealed more details about the release of Pathfinder 2E: Player Core 2, a remastered RPG rulebook, which will hit retail on August 1, 2024.

Pathfinder Player Core 2 is the fourth core rulebook in the Pathfinder 2E Remaster project (see "'Pathfinder 2E Remaster' Project").  This 320-page hardcover rulebook remasters 8 classes from Pathfinder 2E: the alchemist, barbarian, champion, investigator, monk, oracle, sorcerer, and swashbuckler.  The book also has more than 40 archetypes, plus expanded ancestry options that include the catfolk, gnoll, hobgoblin, kobold, lizardfolk, ratfolk, and tengu.  It also has new spells and items to help round out the classes as well as errata from the first four years of Pathfinder 2E.

It will retail for $59.99.