Apparently the House of M event was too big for a single omnibus, because Marvel Comics has just solicited House of M Omnibus Companion, a collection of comics not included in their first, 1,299-page House of M Omnibus, which was published in January 2023.

House of M Omnibus Companion includes the prelude, follow-ups and other tie-ins, collecting Excalibur (2004) #8-14, New Avengers (2004) #16-20, House of M: Avengers #1-5, Civil War: House of M #1-5, House of M: Masters Of Evil #1-4, What If? Spider-Man: House of M, House of M (2015) #1-4 and material from What If? House Of M.  The book includes stories written by Chris Claremont, Brian Michael Bendis, Christos Gage, Sean McKeever, Dennis Hopeless, and Cullen Bunn and artwork by Aaron Lopresti, Cliff Richards, Steve McNiven, Mike Deodato Jr., Mike Perkins, Andrea Di Vito, Manuel García, Dave Ross, Marco Failla, Ario Anindito, and Paolo Pantalena.  The 800-page hardcover will go on sale on July 9, 2024, with a main cover by Mike Perkins and a direct market-only variant by Mike Deodato Jr.

The first House of M Omnibus was one of the Top 20 graphic novels in ComicHub in January 2023 (see “Top 20 Graphic Novels – January 2023”) and also made the BookScan Superhero Top 20 the same month (see “January 2023 NPD BookScan”).

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