Penthouse Comics is coming back to comic shops, and ICv2 has an exclusive look at the cover for the second issue.

Nathan Yocum and Ryan Swanson have partnered with Penthouse to produce the new comics, which will be published bimonthly in an oversized format similar to that used by DSTLRY. Each issue will have 96 interior pages, of which about 70 will be comics, and will also include a photoshoot with a model and a mix of editorial content. “We consider the comics to be Mature but not necessarily adult or pornographic,” Yocum told ICv2. “Nothing different than what Image publishes with Saga and Boom publishes with Faithless.

The first issue, slated for February 14, 2024, will feature four comics, all first published in French: Gun Crazy, by Steve D; Miss October, by Stephen Desberg and Alain Queireix; The Dream, by Jean Dufaux and Guillem March; and I Spit on Your Grave, Jean-David Morvan’s adaptation of Boris Vian’s 1946 noir crime novel (not to be confused with the movie of the same name). The issue will have nine covers, three of which are polybagged due to NSFW content.

The April/May 2024 issue will include another episode of I Spit on Your Grave as well as the debut of a new comic by Vian, The Dead All Have the Same Skin, and the conclusion of Miss October.

Penthouse Comix debuted in 1994 as a spinoff of the men’s magazine Penthouse. After running successful comics sections within the magazine for several months, Publisher Bob Guccione launched the comic as a standalone magazine with a generous budget in order to attract top-tier talent. It ran for 32 issues plus one special issue, ending its run in 1998, and featured work by Adam Hughes and Milo Manara, among others.

Yocum and Swanson are also the co-publishers of Sumerian Comics (see “Exclusive: Massive Announces New Imprints”), but Penthouse Comics is a separate venture.

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