Thames & Kosmos unveiled Masters of Crime, a new line of sleuthing games, which will hit U.S. retail in 2024.

This line features story-driven games that are a unique twist on murder-mystery games.  One to five players will delve in authentic-feeling evidence, unearth clues, and complete puzzles to solve or execute different crimes (depending on the title).  The game integrates real world sleuthing resources such as Google maps, phone numbers, websites, and more.  Each game in the line has multiple outcomes to enhance replayability.

The Masters of Crime games heading to market in 2024 are as follows:

  • Vendetta.  Players are summon by the godfather of the NYC mafia to investigate whether or not there is a traitor in his ranks.
  • Shadows.  This tale heads to Amsterdam for a heist at the Bachmann Gallery.  Players must build a team of thieves to steal a mysterious painting.
  • Rapture.  A scandal targeting international superstar Dayana threatens to expose the players' Isla de Cubaidos drug ring.  They have to address the scandal before the police start digging into the island.     
  • Incognito.  Players assume the roles of FBI agents that go undercover as dangerous criminals to look into the murder of gang member Liam O'Reilly.

Each of these game are for ages 16 and up, play in two to four hours, and retail for $24.95.

Thames & Kosmos will release Nunatak: Temple of Ice, a new board game (see "'Nunatak: Temple of Ice' in Antarctica").