Atlas Games launched the Enigma Puzzling Games Kickstarter campaign, which features a Gloom mystery puzzle gamebook.

This line of puzzle gamebooks offers up interactive stories where the reader makes plotline progress as they solve puzzles. The Enigma Puzzling Games Kickstarter offers up three books: Unhappy Birthday at Castle Slogar, Cryptid Hunt, and A Guide to Dream Travel. Unhappy Birthday at Castle Slogar is a Gloom gamebook, which offers players a new way to experience the Gloom world, features art by J. Scott Reeves, and comes with a Grogar (Frankenstein's Bear) plush toy and a sticker set.

Cryptid Hunt is a solo puzzle book that has players searching throughout the U.S. for elusive cryptids. It features artwork by Xander Kelley and helps players along via a hint and solution website. A Guide to Dream Travel is a bedtime story generator. It is for all ages and showcases illustrations by Daniel Stamn. The Kickstarter campaign is fully funded at $15,851 (as of the publication of this article) and offers a $99 retailer pledge level.