WizKids is exploring the classic sewer setting with two new sets of WarLock Tiles: the City Sewers Core Set and the Forgotten Sewers Core Set.   Both sets will release in July.

The sewers have long been an infamous setting for role-playing games, and these WarLock Tiles sets provide players with a modular three-dimensional way to explore this often-unsavory location.  The double-sided tiles in these sets feature dressed stone on one side and murky sludge with wooden walkways on the other, while the grime-stained walls and dungeon dressings complete the scened.

The WarLock Tiles: City Sewers Core Set includes 24 sewer channels and 8 corners, 2 exterior doors, 22 edgecaps and 16 curved edgecaps, 16 walkways, 20 walls, 8 corner pillars, 4 ladders, 8 torches, 1 stone spout, 2 wall levers, 2 plaques, 8 drains, 4 wooden barricades, 120 EZ clips, and 30 wall connectors.  MSRP is $149.99.

The WarLock Tiles: Forgotten Sewers Core Set features 16 sewer channels and 4 corners, 14 edgecaps, 13 walls, 4 pillars, 4 mushroom clusters, 2 large mushroom clusters, 2 exterior frames with an iron door and a stone hole, 2 doorjamb pipes, 2 green magic portals, 2 slime-crusted entrances, 2 stone faces, 80 EZ clips, and 20 wall connectors.  MSRP is $99.99.

The two sets are designed to work together interchangeably for larger and more diverse layouts.

Click Gallery below to see images of the components in both sets.

WizKids recently offered a WarLock-compatible stone tower set (see “‘WizKids:  Watchtower Boxed Set’ Incoming”).  July will also see the release of a D&D Icons of the Realms set celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons (see “‘D&D Icons of the Realms:  50th Anniversary’ Booster Set Incoming”).