Marvel Comics is collecting the Danny Ketch era of Ghost Rider in Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch Omnibus Vol. 1, the company announced.  As the new Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch battles against Deathwatch, Blackout, Mister Hyde, the Scarecrow, Nightmare, Hobgoblin, Zodiak, and more; fellow heroes include Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Cable, and the Punisher.  Former Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze also enters his life, creating new dilemmas.

The 1,216-page hardcover will collect Ghost Rider (1990) #1-24; Spider-Man (1990) #6-7; Marc Spector: Moon Knight #25; Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #28; Punisher War Journal (1988) #29-30; Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Hearts of Darkness; and material from Marvel Holiday Special (1991) #1, and Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #64-71 and #90-118.

Writers include Howard Mackie, Todd Mcfarlane, Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Mike Baron, Dan Slott, Chris Cooper and Joey Cavalieri.

Pencillers include Javier Saltares, Mark Texeira, Larry Stroman, Ron Wagner, Todd Mcfarlane, Mark Bagley, Chris Marrinan, John Romita Jr., Guang Yap, Jimmy Palmiotti, Sam Kieth, Rick Leonardi, John Stanisci, and Shawn Mcmanus, among others.

The Teen+ volume will street September 4, 2024, with two covers.  The regular cover is by Mark Texiera, the Direct Market exclusive cover is by Javier Saltares.

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