Hachette Boardgames announced Nekojima, a new dexterity game by Unfriendly Games, that will release into retail in August 2024.

In this game, designed by David Carmona and Karen Nguyen, players are tasked with stacking Denchuu (electrical poles) with the utmost precision.  While doing so, they will also need to avoid the casts that are taking their daily stroll on the cables attached to the poles.  Players will take turns placing poles until none of the cables are left hanging, but if the poles topple over during a players turn, they are eliminated.  The goal in the competitive mode of this game is to be the last player left, and in cooperative mode, players will work together to build the poles higher.

Nekojima is for one to five players, ages 7 and up, and plays in 15 minutes.  It will retail for $36.99.  This product will be exclusively available through GTS Distribution or directly from GTS Distribution for the first month of its release.

Hachette Boardgames recently revealed two new card games, which will release into retail in 2024 (see "Two New Card Games").

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