Acclaimed writer Jason Aaron has picked up two new projects, an Uncle Scrooge one-shot for Marvel Comics and a BRZRKR one-shot for BOOM! Studios, rounding out his summer hat trick with his work on the new ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series (see "Jason Aaron on ‘TMNT’ Relaunch Series").

The Marvel Uncle Scrooge one-shot is the bigger news, as it represents the first new Disney comics by Marvel, which has been edging into its relationship with Disney via variant covers featuring Disney characters (see "’Disney What If?’ Variant Covers").

Uncle Scrooge and the Infinity Dime #1 will feature a new Aaron story and the Christmas on Bear Mountain story in which Uncle Scrooge first appeared in comics in an oversize one-shot format.  The new Aaron story, with art by Paolo Mottura, Francesco D’Ippolito, Vitale Mangiatordi and others, from Disney’s Italian studio, is a Marvel-style adventure in which Uncle Scrooge explores the multiverse to stop an alternat Scrooge from becoming the all-powerful Scroooge-Above-All.  Guest stars will include other Disney characters, including Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and Gyro Gearloose.  Lorenzo Pastrovicchio will provide the A cover, and Alex Ross the B cover.  Street date is June 19.

For BOOM! Studios, Aaron will kick off a new series of oversize BRZRKR: Bloodlines one-shots with BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets with art by Francesco Manna.  Set in the 1800s American West, the story puts B. in the middle of a grudge match between a land baron and his runaway daughter.  The special is also due out in June.

Click Gallery below for Uncle Scrooge and BRZRKR covers!