Capstone Games, in partnership with Wyrmgold GmbH, will launch the new expandable card game Pagan: The Fate of Roanoke this summer, the company announced.  After launch at Gen Con, the game will be supported by expansions with new cards and other content, allowing players to tailer a deck to suit a play-style or enable specific combinations.  Both large and small expansions are planned between Gen Con and the end of the year.

Designed by Kasper Kjaer Christiansen and Kare Storgaard, with art by Maren Gutt, Pagan: Fate of Roanoke is an asymmetrical card game set in the lost colony of Roanoke, Virginia.  One player takes on the role of the Witch and the other is the Witch Hunter.  The Witch tries to carry out a ritual of renaturation before the Witch Hunter exposes which of nine villagers is the Witch, and ultimate eliminates them.  Both players can access variable card decks with 50 cards each, and use different resources to defeat the other side.

MSRP was not announced.

Capstone will release Uwe Rosenberg’s Tangram City in April (see "’Tangram City’").