The Pokemon Company International will launch Pokemon TCG Pocket, a new digital collecting game by Creatures Inc., in 2024.

In this game, for iOS and Android devices, players are sent two digital booster packs every day for free. The packs contain cards of different rarities that showcase nostalgic Pokemon artwork from Pokemon TCG's past as well as some brand-new cards that are exclusive to this app. The new cards include immersive cards that allow collectors to delve deeper into the artwork.

On some level, this app could be a win for retailers who enjoy selling Pokemon TCG packs as impulse buys. The app appears to alert players, twice daily (providing notifications are on), to open free packs. Thus, it reinforces the behavior to “open packs” for collectors by rewarding them with rare cards digitally. This may create pin-action in the real world as digital collectors potentially cross over into buying physical packs from stores to open rare cards like they experienced in the app.

For more information on Pokemon TCG releases, check out ICv2's 2024 release calendar (see "2024 Product Release Calendar").