The wait is over and the first Millarworld title at Dark Horse Comics has been announced: the new relationship will begin with Nemesis, in a story that flows out of last year’s Millarworld crossover event, Big Game (see "Special Edition of ‘The Ambassadors’").  That event was published by Image Comics; Mark Millar moved his Millarworld line to Dark Horse for 2024 (see "Millar To Move Millarworld to Dark Horse").

As the series begins, Nemesis is all but dead, broken and destroyed after the end of Big Game, but marshals a plan for vengeance against all who wronged him.

The five-issue Nemesis: Rogues Gallery series, written by Millar, with art by Valerio Giangiordano and Lee Loughridge, will launch on July 24.  Jae Lee provided a variant cover, with colors by June Chung.

Millar explained the rational for the first Dark Horse book and gave his artist some kudos in a statement accompanying the announcement.  "Kicking it all off with Nemesis just feels right as it’s been the most asked about character since our Big game crossover concluded at Christmas," Millar explained.  "This franchise was co-created with artist Steve McNiven and both he and Jorge Jimenez (Nemesis Reloaded) set a pretty damn high bar, but Valerio clears it with a double flip."

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