Square One Capital, owned by Christophe Arnoult and Maud Decombe, has acquired Miniature Market from Embracer Group's Asmodee.

The new owners of Miniature Market, Arnoult and Decombe, were both longtime employees of Asmodee. Arnoult founded Asmodee LLC in 2005 (later Asmodee Inc.), and was named the CEO of Asmodee France in 2015. Decombe worked with Arnoult as a project manager for Asmodee France during this time period. In 2022, Arnoult took a role as a director of development within the Asmodee group structure and named Decombe as his team's business development manager, where they worked with Miniature Market.

On March 13, 2024, the duo were revealed as the new 100% owners of Miniature Market. The company's plan going forward is to leverage Arnoult and Decombe's industry knowledge to create a stronger position for Miniature Market in games retail space.  

"Their (Arnoult and Macombe) deep understanding of our industry and unwavering commitment to excellence will undoubtedly drive our company to greater heights," said Christina Smith, VP of Strategic Sourcing and Customer Experience. "   

The sale of Miniature Market comes after Embracer Group recently reported a $165.4 million loss for Q3 (see "Embracer Q3"). For more from ICv2's Miniatures Week, click here.