Para Bellum Games unveiled Conquest: Chronicles and Legends, a new TTRPG, which will launch in Q4 2024.

Para Bellum is looking to flesh out the lore for the world of the Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings miniatures game by producing this new TTRPG. The new game will use 5E OGL for its core mechanics but offer players new and original character options to dive into. It expands the lore of Conquest by giving players setting details and focusing on the storytelling aspect of the world.

“The game in one sentence? Character agency coupled with versatility of storytelling,” said Lead Writer and Rules Developer Konstantinos "K.O." Oikonomou. “Our goal is to create an RPG experience that befits our world, one which will make any Chronicles and Legends session have its own, unique feel, but which also allows versatile storytelling and variety in campaign themes, accounting for the presence of power individuals but remaining grounded, thus allowing people to live their power fantasies without breaking immersion.”

Alongside the new TTRPG, Para Bellum had new Terrain Sets on display and in miniatures terrain setups for people to play with. These terrain sets will be coming to retail as well in 2024.

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