Magnetic Press will launch a product range for a new roleplaying game based on the original five-film Planet of the Apes film series under its Magnetic Press Play imprint, the company announced.  The Planet of the Apes Role-Playing Game will include multiple books, a boxed set, and miniatures.  All will be offered first via a pre-order campaign (with retailer options), and a trade release through distribution to follow.

The game will be overseen by Andrew E.C. Gaska, whose credits include the Alien RPG and Terminator RPG, and two Planet of the Apes novels.

The game will be built on Magnetic’s D6MV System, based on West End Games classic D6 System, which was used for their Star Wars RPG.  Magnetic began its use of the new system with Carbon Grey RPG, the first game in its Magnetic Press Play imprint (see “Magnetic Press Announces New TTRPG Imprint”).

Other writers and designers on the property include Dayton Ward (Star Trek), Rich Handley (Timeline and Encyclopedia of the Planet of the Apes), Greg Cox (War for the Planet of the Apes movie novelization), David Walker (both Boom! Studios and Marvel’s Planet of the Apes comics), David Avallone (Star Wars RPG), E.L. Thomas (Terminator RPG), Dave Semark (Alien RPG), and Jim Beard (Tales from the Forbidden Zone).

The product range includes:

Planet of the Apes Role-Playing Game Core Rulebook, a hardcover of over 300 pages, will feature cover art by famed comic artist Bill Sienkiewicz, and include all the rules, statistics, and lore needed to play the game.

The Ansa Files is a separate sourcebook with references and resources specific to the classic films, novels, and comics.  A Slipcase Set of the Core Rulebook and The Ansa Files will be available only through the pre-order campaign.

Forbidden Zone Campaign Boxed Set will include a campaign and adventure book, unique maps and player markers, a set of 12 thematic “Alpha and Omega” 6-sided dice, a 3-panel Lawgiver Reference Screen with tables, and a deck of game statistic cards.

The Ruins of Tomorrow Miniatures Set is a range of plastic gaming miniatures and statistics cards for the various character types, both ape and human.

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