Mantic Games is bringing its Dungeon Saga Origins range, including the core set, an expansion, and a dice game, to trade. The game, a prequel to the highly popular Dungeon Saga dungeon crawler from 2015, first released via Kickstarter (see “Mantic Games Reveals ‘Dungeon Saga Origins’”).

The core set for Dungeon Saga Origins includes the Dungeon Saga Origins rulebook, Trial of Tyranny quest book, dice, 4 hero miniatures, 18 undead miniatures, dungeon tiles, tokens, and cards.  MSRP is $50; shipping begins May 20.

Dungeon Saga Origins Chapter 2: Glimmer for Greed, an expansion that requires the base game to play, includes the Glimmer of Greed quest book, 14 goblin minis, a new dungeon tile, tokens, and cards.  Glimmer for Greed brings new locations, enemies, and mechanics into the game, as players undertake a quest to recover the ancient blade known as Glimmerdrake.

Dungeon Saga Origins: The Dice Game is a stand-alone push-your-luck game for 2 or more players ages 10 and up, set in a dungeon, with monsters and treasure.

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