Earthborne Rangers, the first game from the company of longtime Fantasy Flight Games executive Andrew Navarro, will be released to trade in Q1 2025.  Navarro spent 15 years at Fantasy Flight, ending as Head of Studio, spent a year as Studio Director at Chip Theory Games, and founded Earthborne Games in 2020. Its products are sustainably produced.

Earthborne Rangers is an open world adventure card game set in the wilderness of the far future, which resulted from the efforts of the peoples of Earth, led by The Guide, to heal the world after the Great Calamities.

Play begins by building a deck that reflects the Ranger’s personal history, similar to how a character is created in an RPG.  As players explore the open world, they augment their decks with improved equipment, refined skills, and the memories of their journeys.

Earthborne Rangers was originally crowdfunded on Gamefound and Kickstarter; the trade release comes from a second printing.

The box includes 540 cards, 35 Card Set Dividers, 92 tokens, 48-page World Guide and Rulebook, a 56-page Campaign Guide, and a Valley Map.

Earthborne Rangers: Card Doubler Expansion will also be released in Q1 2025.