Paizo Inc. will release A Cosmic Birthday, a playtest adventure for Starfinder 2E, into retail on August 1, 2024.

In this adventure, players take on the roles of first-level characters investigating the outpost of Little Akiton. A group of devoted followers of a cosmic entity is about to be born, and they are trying to hijack a sufficient power source for the event. They are searching for this source at the Ghost Levels of Absalom Station, where the players will try to stop them and accidentally get trapped in the Ghost Levels in the process. They must try to stop the entity from being born and survive the surges at the station as well as the dangerous creatures that abound.

This adventure was written by Jenny Jarzabski and features fan-favorite Starfinder creatures that have been updated to 2E rules. It also offers players new all-new cosmic horrors and is designed to introduce the Starfinder 2E Playtest rules (see "'Starfinder Second Edition' Sets Course"). The MSRP for this book is $24.99.