Wizards of the Coast offered up new details on Modern Horizons 3, a new Modern format booster set for Magic: The Gathering, which will hit stores on June 14, 2024.

This set was first previewed at MagicCon Chicago (see "Preview Panel: 'Modern Horizons 3'") as one of the most anticipated sets of 2024.  Since then, WotC has released new information about the set.  The Modern Horizons 3 set will contain 80 commons, 101 uncommons (81 single-faced cards and 20 double-faced cards), 60 rares, and 20 mythic rares (15 single-faced cards and 5 double-faced cards).  Of these cards, 20 uncommons, 18 rares, and 4 mythic rares will be added to the Modern format for the first time ever.  The set will also contains basic lands in various treatments, and for the first time, they will print a Snow-Covered Wastes card.

As for card treatments, the set will have an array of borderless cards.  The borderless cards will feature the following treatments: Borderless, Borderless Profile, Borderless Frame Break, and Borderless Concept Eldrazi cards.  The set seems to focus on Eldrazi, so WotC has also included serialized versions of Borderless Concept Eldrazi cards.

The set will also have plenty of foil treatments, including Traditional Foils, Textured Foils, Ripple Foils, and Foil Etched cards.  Alongside the foils, there will be Retro Frame treatments for cards as well as full art and extended art cards.  There will also be 10 Special Guest cards available in both Play Booster and Collector Boosters.

As for the actual cards in the set, Modern Horizons 3 looks to give Typal (formerly "tribal") strategies a boost.  It contains powerful cards for strategies such as Elves, Merfolk, and Eldrazi, and many of these cards also fit into Commander decks.  Elves probably gets the biggest boost in this set, as Priest of Titania has been added to Modern and the Eladamri, Korvecdal card helps players cast creature cards from the top of their deck.  There are also a few cards focused on slowing down decks that rely on playing lots of non-basic lands, such as Winter Moon.

Prerelease events for this set begin June 7, 2024.

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