Paul Stock, longtime owner of comic and game store Librairie Astro in Montreal, Quebec, passed away on May 22 at the age of 74, his sister Betty posted on Facebook.  Librairie Astro was primarily a comic store, but it also carried Magic: The Gathering and some other cards.

Stock was a frequent commenter on ICv2, on topics ranging from retailer summit locations to keeping graphic novels in print, street dates, and Amazon drones.  One of his longer posts was his account of helping to catch thieves stealing and selling comics and graphic novels from Canadian printer Quebecor (see "Paul Stock of Librairie Astro Tells the Tale of the Stolen Comics").

Stock was active in the retailer community, with a thoughtful perspective and a willingness to speak up when he felt he was in the right.  His store closed in 2018.

Our condolences to his family and friends.