Steamforged Games has acquired the Warmachine, Formula P3, and Iron Kingdoms brands from Privateer Press.

The partnership deal will bring one of the most renowned miniatures brands, Warmachine (see "'Warmachine' Miniatures Game"), under the SFG banner.  From this point onward, per the agreement, Steamforged and Privateer Press will work collaboratively to design and develop the lines for Warmachine and Iron Kingdoms.

“This project is a perfect, logical fit for us. Almost every aspect of Steamforged’s history can be traced back to Warmachine in some way or another,” said Rich Loxam, CEO and Founder of SFG.  “Both Mat Hart and I are Warmachine players, and Warmachine was actually a key inspiration for us creating Guild Ball, with its incredible world and well-designed gameplay.”

The addition of the Formula P3 paint line is somewhat of a gamechanger for SFG as well. SFG, to this point, hasn't had an in-house paint brand in their portfolio.  Formula P3 changes all of that, thereby allowing SFG to tailor-make paint colors for their miniatures lines, much like Games Workshop does.