Wizards of the Coast launched Avalon Hill Game Nights, a new pilot program for WPN organized play.

Avalon Hill Game Nights program offers up OP events for select Avalon Hill lines to WPN stores.  These demo events coincide with evergreen titles that WotC is increasing availability for to WPN stores via distribution.  These titles include the HeroQuest line, Betrayal at House on the Hill, The Yawning Portal, and Risk and Risk Strike.  Retailers can contact their preferred WPN distributor to order these titles.

The WPN team has created a pilot event for this program that will be offered to 200 WPN stores in the U.S. and Canada.  This first event will revolve around HeroQuest, and offer up a demo copy and materials for retailers to run an event between July 29, 2024 and August 29, 2024.  Participating stores will receive a copy of HeroQuest, marketing materials, promotional HeroQuest dice, and instructions to run the event.  These events will be run via event link and WPN stores not contacted by June 10, 2024 to run this event can fill out a form on the WPN site to get on a waiting list to receive one of this pilot kits.

Wizards of the Coast also banned a card from Modern Horizons 3, in the Pauper format, ahead of its release (see "Bans 'Modern Horizons 3' Card Ahead of Its Release").