Jeff Lemire’s new ongoing series, Minor Arcana, launches at BOOM! Studios on September 4, 2024.  This is the Eisner Award-winning writer/artist’s first creator-owned ongoing series.

Based around the suits of a tarot card deck, the four major story arcs of Minor Arcana will be collected into The Book of Wands, The Book of Swords, The Book of Cups, and The Book of Pentacles.  In the series, lead character Theresa has returned home to care for her ailing mother, a fraudulent “psychic”, and finds herself helping the town against a magical threat.

The main cover art of the oversized first issue is by Lemire, who also provides a tarot card variant to each issue.  The first is The Fool.  Additional first issue variants are by Tula Lotay, Dustin Nguyen, David Mack, and more.

Lemire describes it as his "dream project. Combining small town life with magical realism and supernatural mystery, it lets me stretch my wings and play with all the different kinds of characters and stories I’ve loved working on since Essex County and Sweet Tooth...  If Black Hammer was my love letter to the superhero comics I grew up reading, then Minor Arcana is my love letter to the classic Vertigo comics of my youth, but all filtered through my own style."

Previously exclusive with Image (see “Lemire Goes Exclusive With Image”), Lemire’s new series was teased in our April interview with BOOM! Studios President of Publishing and Marketing Filip Sablik (see “Sablik Part 2”).

Click Gallery below for the variant covers and preview pages!