Modiphius Entertainment has acquired Strato Minis Studio, a Polish miniatures company.

Strato Minis Studio manufacturers resin miniatures, and makes the Hardwar, Retrobots and Stratoyager games and miniature lines.  The deal includes Modiphius assuming control of future development of these lines, and they plan to re-launch Hardwar, the 6mm scale miniatures range and game that revolves around sci-fi mech, armor, and aerial combat.

“Their team did an amazing job constructing a complex world of awesome looking mechs, tanks and fliers battling it out over a future earth," said Modiphius co-founder Chris Birch about Hardwar.  "We’re going to build on that world and bring it to a bigger audience.”

The new Hardwar line will be released in waves and include a reprint of the core rules.  Modiphius will create a quickstart PDF that it will offer up to help players get into the game for free.

Modiphius also released a special set for its Fallout Wasteland Warfare wargame tied to the Fallout series on Amazon Prime this month (see "'Fallout' TV Minis").